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Only £1m paid in insurance remedials

Network VEKA, the pioneering glazing industry standards organisation has, over an 18-year history, settled remedial insurance claims totalling £1m, paying testament to the quality workmanship and high-specification products supplied and installed by its member companies.

Founded by a group of like-minded companies in 1996, Network VEKA aimed to redress the balance of public opinion in an industry beset by problems – not least a reputation for pushy salespeople and shoddy workmanship.

Besides its commitment to using high-specification VEKA products, Network VEKA accepts only companies that can demonstrate superior levels of workmanship, then invests in them to ensure their standards maintain and even surpass desired levels. Consequently, its confidence in the service provided means Network VEKA member companies can offer their customers the organisation’s 10-year insurance-backed guarantees for all aspects of the installation.

Network VEKA MD, John Ogilvie explains:

“Of course, we hope Network VEKA customers never have to claim on their insurance but we also want them to know that, in the unlikely event they do have a problem, we have a track record of paying for legitimate claims. It’s why Network VEKA only has the best installers – it’s in our interest to ensure they do quality work, otherwise we’ll end up paying for it!

“Considering that our 150-strong membership collectively averages around 16,000 installations in a year worth cumulatively over £850million, over an 18-year period £1m is an impressively low amount to have been claimed in remedial costs. It comes as little surprise – our members achieve an average customer satisfaction rating of 97-98% compared to the industry standard of 83%.

“At Network VEKA we realise that cost is just one aspect of value – customers equally prize prompt and comprehensive support in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

“We certify all our installations with our industry-leading insurance-backed guarantee, administered in-house, so customers have just one company to call should they need to make a claim – contributing to a feeling of assurance throughout the installation and in the years to come.

“We look forward to that phone-line remaining as quiet as it has been over the last 18 years! But, should any of our customers have a problem, they can rest assured – we’re here to help.”

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