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Customer Complaints Procedure

In the unlikely event you have a complaint, please contact Independent Network's main office on 01282 473170 or fill out our contact form.


1. All complaints should initially be addressed to the installation company who undertook the work, in writing along with a copy of the relevant guarantee, to try and resolve the complaint to your satisfaction. 


2. If you are not satisfied, you should write to Independent Network giving as much information as possible. Please include copies of all correspondence from you to the installation company. 


3. Independent Network will liaise with the installation company to establish an agreed course of action. 


4. Should you request a site visit* by Independent Network, we shall investigate, and in cases where members appear to be failing to comply with industry codes of practice and guidelines, propose a plan of action. In the event we uphold your complaint, you shall be refunded the attendance fee. 


5. In the event that agreement cannot be reached between you and the installation company, Independent Network will identify independent, impartial and professional experts for either party to consider retaining, to enable a reasonable judgement to be made on the justification or otherwise of the specific complaint. 


6. If the complaint is still not resolved to your satisfaction and where Independent Network considers its conciliation procedure has failed to resolve the dispute, we will give the member company 14 days notice of this decision, in which time the installer may take such steps to resolve the issue. In the absence of it being resolved within that period you may seek resolution of your complaint under special low cost arbitration arrangements (details available on request from Independent Network). Such schemes however are not suitable for more complex disputes and relevant bodies can advise on whether a case is appropriate. Under these arrangements arbitration will normally be on the basis of documents only. Alternatively you can take actions through the courts. 


7. Independent Network shall provide written or oral evidence on acceptable commercial practices and standards to arbitration authorities and the Courts when the activities of any Independent Network member are being questioned. 


8. In the event of repeated or serious complaints, all such complaints will be reviewed by The Advisory Panel and appropriate action taken, which may include de-listing from membership of Independent Network. 


*Please contact Independent Network for current charges on 01282 473 170.


Independent Network is a part of Network Veka Ltd.