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If you’re thinking about having a Conservatory installation in your home, then you want to be sure that you’re using a company that has a reputation for quality and craftsmanship. That’s why using a Independent Network member company is such a good idea. We know that it takes more than just frames and glass to make the perfect Conservatory. It takes a combination of inspiration, common sense, engineering excellence, safety and security know-how, and even legal knowledge. Talk to your local Independent Network Conservatory installer today, who will be pleased to offer you all the advice you need, and provide a competitive quote, for a top quality Conservatory installation that will add significant value to your home.

But that's not everything, here are even more options

One of the great things about choosing the best Conservatories on the market, is the additional options available in terms of frames, glazing, doors and roofing. So you can be sure that your conservatory installation will not only add an extra room to your home, but look like the stylish, quality investment you want it to.  

Bevelled Glass

Just as stained glass was a sign of quality, taste and individuality in the past, our technically superior bevelled glazing is the very modern equivalent.

Bevelled fanlights add to the exterior appeal of your conservatory, plus, when viewed from inside, the prism effect of the glass creates a wonderful quality of light.

Ask your Independent Network installer about the wide range of patterns and designs currently available to enhance your top quality conservatory. Or why not have them create a bespoke glass design just for you? It could be the name or number of your property or an image of your choice etched onto the glass or a one-off stained glass design. Be creative and add the ultimate touch of personalisation to your conservatory!

Bevelled Glass Conservatory from Independent Network


With a range of 29 stylish colours and woodgrain options to choose from, Independent Network lets you put your own personal stamp on your conservatory – and your home.

You might opt for frames in fresh white, traditional black, subtle grey or something a little more unusual like a green or a blue.  You can even choose different colours for the inside and outside. This means you can specify something striking for the exterior of the frames, but a subtler colour for the inside, to match your interior decor.

Conservatory Colours from Independent Network


When it comes to the glass to be used in your conservatory, your Independent Network installer will first tell you about the double or triple glazing options and coatings available. These include solar control on the outer panes to keep out excess heat from the sun in the summer, and Low-E on the inside pane to keep in the heat during the colder months.

Then, once optimum energy-efficiency is ensured, there is a whole range of other choices available to help you to create something very individual and aesthetically compatible with your home.

Finally, depending on your other glazing choices and decisions, you may want to opt for venetian blinds that are fully integrated into the sealed units, this not only gives a smooth, seamless finish, but dispenses with the need to dust the blinds, as they are encased in a dirt free environment!  

Double Or Triple Glazed Glass For Conservatories from Independent Network

Roofing Options


A hybrid conservatory roof is one that combines a solid vaulted roof with glass panels, offering a high degree of thermal-insulation, while letting light into the room. This means your conservatory is useable all year round, as it’s warm and cosy in the winter, yet cool and comfortable in the summer.


Polycarbonate is a lightweight insulating glazing which is perfect for conservatory roofing. There are a variety of options available, including clear, single coloured tints for light diffusion and dual tints for solar control. Your Independent Network installer will advise you on which is best for your needs. 

Conservatory Roofing Options from Independent Network

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Conservatory Efficiency

The best uPVC windows are ‘A’ rated to offer superb heat retention, which not only helps save you money on your heating bills, but also saves the world’s energy resources, too. Click below to find out how we can save you money, and don’t forget to ask your warm, friendly Independent Network installer for some moneysaving tips and advice!

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