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uPVC Infinity Recycled Windows

If you want top quality energy efficient windows, and are keen to do as much for the environment as you possibly can, then VEKA Infinity windows, made from up to 80% recycled uPVC, could be the stylish and ethical choice for you. 

Beautiful, clean bevelled lines give Infinity windows a classic yet contemporary appearance that will look absolutely stunning on any style of property.

No wonder these Independent Network Infinity windows have become known in the double glazing industry as one of the go-to choices for environmentally conscious homeowners who are not only looking for energy efficient windows, but want stunning good looks, too. 

Low carbon footprint, low maintenance Infinity windows

With up to 80% recycled content, Infinity windows are designed to save, not just the world’s valuable energy, but yours, too! All they need is a quick wipe with a warm soapy cloth and the internal workings given a light oiling. That’s it, job done!

Superior recycled

Superior recycled

VEKA were the very first window systems company to establish our own uPVC recycling plant, taking end-of-life uPVC windows and using a unique process to create recycled, energy efficient windows, that are of a more superior quality than some non-recycled windows on the market.

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