Cue our Brand Ambassador!

A well-known and trusted personality, Steve is known the world over for being a winner.

He represents approachability, long term consistency, professionalism and integrity, much the same as Independent Network.

"I don’t generally put my name to products and companies but I was so impressed with the policing and standards that are in place with Independent Network, it just made sense". 

See what Six-Times world Snooker Champion Steve Davis has to say about Independent Network…

See what Six-Times world Snooker Champion Steve Davis has to say about Independent Network…

It’s something I actually believe in wholeheartedly. It’s so tough to become a member of Independent Network, I know only the most professional companies are accepted. It means I can represent them with complete confidence.

"The home improvement and double glazing market can be quite a scary place for consumers – you hear so many ‘horror stories’. That’s why I am proud to get behind an organisation that puts customers first. The guarantees are rock solid, so it takes all the risk out of choosing a trustworthy company". 

"The peace of mind is priceless: customers know that if they look for the Independent Network logo they are guaranteed to find a trustworthy, knowledgeable company". 

I asked a lot of questions before I put my name to Independent Network …and not just about the products you can see and touch, like windows, doors and conservatories.

I wanted to know:

  • What standards does it demand from its members?
  • How does it go about policing standards?
  • What about quality control… training… customer service?
  • Is it true that every single customer – more than 16,000 a year – is surveyed about how happy they are with the work?
  • How tough it is to be accepted as a member… and what happens to members who fall behind the right standard?
  • Most of all, what about this Independent Network Ten Year Insurance-Backed Guarantee?

And now I know the answers, I am more than happy to recommend Independent Network for PVC-U home improvements with built-in peace of mind.

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