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Ideas for the home

Don’t feel overwhelmed when making changes to home interiors – little and often is always a good start.

By adding small accents of colour, wallpaper, bringing in new items of soft furnishings or rearranging furniture can update the look and feel of any room.

Bedroom with beige walls, a double bed and two windows letting in light

Here’s just a few tips and tricks to use as a handy guide when sprucing up your home.

Splash it…

Bring in splashes of colour through soft furnishings, such as cushions, throws and curtains, which allow you to add your own personality at home. Adding quirky ornaments or pictures displayed in an array of different coloured, shaped and textured photo frames can create a focal point and have a big impact.

Move it…

Moving big items of furniture around can make a familiar room feel like a brand new space. Map out the area you have to play with and place your TV in a different corner or move your sofa to a different wall. You’ll be surprised by how different it looks.

Living room inside a home with a large white, bright window

Know the facts...

Colour it…

Try to re-visit your colour scheme. Explore different shades or ones and don’t be afraid to go with bold colours. A simple lick of paint can really spruce things up.

Research it…

Use inspirational platforms such as Pinterest to gather your ideas together. It has some thousands of gorgeous ideas collated by brands, interior designers and bloggers, which may spark your interest. You can even create your own boards to store all of your ideas together to revisit later.  You can visit our Pinterest boards here.

Large white window with a round frame shape at the bottom of the stairs

Use it…

Fuel your creativeness with the great outdoors when choosing your colour palette and furniture. The green hues of nature and the blue tones of the sky the can be your starting point to build upon.

Change it…

Having new windows and doors can really make a difference to the internal and external appeal of a home. Both interior and exterior doors and windows play an important role within your home, and while they seem like minor elements in the grand scheme of things, they can be used to add architectural detail and style to a house. Simply adding a new bay window or even a flush sash may bring a whole new look and feel. Equally changing to bi-fold doors can really open up a space, merging two rooms together.

Take a look at our 2016/17 LookBook to find out more from our panel of experts on how to update the look and feel of your interior design.  

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