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Conservatories / Orangeries
Modern Orangeries retain heat to be comfortable all year round

Natural Heat Retention

Enjoy your Orangery in comfort all year round

Flexible Living Space - interior view of a Orangery

Flexible Living Space

Orangeries are ideal as a dining room or open plan space

A choice of Styles of Orangery

Wide Choice of Styles

Your orangery can be designed to complement your home

The perfect blend of conservatory and extension, an Orangery offers the best of both worlds. Your local installer can expertly fit our industry-leading uPVC products while liaising with your other contractors to create all year round extra living space.


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How long does it take to build a conservatory?

Building a conservatory depends on the design and the size.  Some lean-to conservatories can take just a day whilst big more complicated ones can take weeks.  The installers surveyor will have an idea of the installation times.

The actual process of erecting the conservatory frame and installing the glass is relatively quick, however there are other stages that need to be considered in the process and these will differ depending on what you include in your design.

All new conservatories will require a foundation to be laid.  This will require a trench and brickwork to be laid and for a cement base to be poured and to set.  If you are having a design that includes a dwarf wall, this will need to be finished prior to the installation of the frame.

Other stages in the process of building a conservatory include plastering on the interior walls and the addition of electricity outlets.  You may also need to have access to the conservatory added from your home if there is not existing space.

Your local installer and surveyor have experience in the design and construction of many different styles of conservatory, and they will be able to give you a clear idea of exactly how long the work will take and how soon you will be able to enjoy your new living space.

Do I need an architect for a conservatory?

Not necessarily, unless it is part of a larger project involving a house refurbishment or similar. Check with your local Installer for all the building regulations and rules regarding conservatories.

Conservatories are usually simpler than a full extension to a house, and for smaller conservatories, you may not need to apply for planning permission if the construction does not extend too far from your existing walls.  Conservatories are available in a variety of different styles, and while your new conservatory will be specifically manufactured to the size and shape required, unless it is a very complex system, it will not usually need to be designed by an architect.

When speaking to your Independent Network installer, you will be able to discuss the size and design that you want and they will be able to give you an accurate quote for the work to be carried out, as well as giving you information about how your chosen design will look on your home. 

If your property is subject to restrictions on building, such as listed status, or being in a protected area, you may need to consult with an architect in order to ensure that you meet any requirements that are in place.

Will a conservatory affect the value of my home?

On average, a modern, well built uPVC conservatory will increase the value of your home by around 5% because it provides more usable internal space. A conservatory is often seen as a positive feature by buyers and this can help your property sell more quickly and achieve its asking price.

Is there a cost difference if I choose a colour on one or both sides of my product?

Yes, if you choose any other colour rather then 'standard white' as a colour internally or externally there is an extra cost. Visit our visualiser to get an estimate for your home improvement or speak to your local installer for further detail.

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