See Your Home from Differently Over Summer


With summer days in full flow, you’re spending more time outside in the garden, entertaining the kids over the summer break and going on countryside walks.

Everyone wants to enjoy the sunshine while it’s here and why not?

Whilst you’re outside on those warm, sunny days you can’t help but glance at the beautiful home you’ve worked so hard to achieve. But, as the bright sunlight shines down on your home, faults begin to appear that you may not have discovered before.

Your front door is the first impression that visitors get when they see your home.  Any entranceway should be clean, well maintained and clutter-free. If your front door, or any door in your house for that matter, is affected by one of the following signs, you may need to think about investing in a new one to ensure your home is looking its best.

  • Visible damage – Visible cracks from weather damage or general wear and tear will not go unnoticed by visitors and can impact the strength of your door making it vulnerable. Boost security by replacing your door with a high security uPVC alternative
  • Peeling paint – Over time, hot and cold weather can degrade paint on timber doors and affect the quality of the wood underneath.  Low maintenance uPVC doors could be the answer – the latest uPVC technology means that they’ll look great for years to come while remaining solid and safe.
  • Chills – As doors age, they can sag, shrink and suffer from faulty seals that let draughts into your home.  A well fitted uPVC door is made to fit and will benefit from a perfect seal which will help you save money on your energy bills.
  • Difficulty opening and closing – doors which are sticking or dragging along the floor might mean you have a problem.  If your door is sagging or warped, it might damage your flooring as it scrapes across it.  This is avoided with a uPVC door which won’t become misshapen over time.
  • Loose hinges – Usually, a door which squeaks when you open it is a minor issue and a little oil will help.  However, the looseness may be a symptom of the wood degrading and should be looked at properly to ensure that your home is secure.

We have a whole host of stylish doors available to suit any home whether this is for your front, back, garden room or even your balcony door. From sliding and concertina to outward and inward opening we’ve got something for everyone. Plus, you can choose from a wide range smooth and woodgrain colours with the option of having different colours on both the interior and exterior of your home so you can match your windows with your interior styling … You can’t get better than that!


Bifold Doors

Longing for a larger home but not taken the plunge to move house?

Bi-Fold doors are a great way to create a larger living environment without extending your brickwork. They can be made completely bespoke to your home with as many panes as you like, you can even cover your whole wall!

The great aspect of Bi-folding doors is the way that they can completely fold away when opened. This is incredibly effective at saving space in your home and looks very minimalist.

Composite Doors

Want to show your style to the whole street? This is your chance. Composite front doors are made from high quality materials and are available in a large variety of colours to match every home.

With outstanding energy efficiency, weather resistance and security features they’re sure to be a game changer.

French Doors

Traditional, elegant and stylish. French doors provide a gateway to your garden or outside space giving you the flexibility to add more light into your home. They’re easy to maintain, weather resistant and contain top quality security features ensuring unmatched energy efficiency.

With the option of outward and inward opening you can decide what suits your home the best.

Patio Doors

Minimalist and modern, sliding patio doors are the ultimate space saving solution. An alternative to Bi-Fold or French Doors, they offer a beautiful frame for the view from your home.

With advanced runners, offering smoother opening, modern sliding doors are a top choice to enable a closer connection with your garden or patio.

UPVC Doors

Wanting to add a personal touch to your entranceway? With uPVC doors you can add glass, stained glass and bespoke panels to your door. Decide exactly how you want it to look and show it off to the world at large! They’re easy to maintain and a relatively affordable option, check them out!

Whichever door you choose make sure you consider your house type, age and style and get help from an expert if you’re struggling to decide. Your home will soon regain its charm with added curb appeal!

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