The Most Unique Front Doors From Around the World

Take a look at our list of unique front doors from around the world that really make an entrance.

Your front door is, arguably, the most important exterior feature of your home. Take a look at our list of unique front doors from around the world that really make an entrance.

It’s one part of your home that visitors always encounter, so why do we often overlook the aesthetics of our front doors? Use our list below to take in some inspiration of eye-catching front doors from all over the world. Interested in updating the look of your own front door? Take a look at our range of customisable residential front doors here.

New York Door


Front doors don’t have to be boring as this detailed design from the Big Apple shows! This Soho front door gets its industrial look from combined sheets of metal painted over with a complimentary colour palette.



Shoreditch Door


We love the way this Shoreditch based locksmith has combined their front door into their mural design. A little creativity goes a long way to amp up the look of your front door!



German Door

Possibly the most unique entry on our list, this rustic looking front door can be found in the scenic  German Alps. This door may look like it leads to nowhere, but with a view like that who’s complaining?!


Paris Door


Paris is known as the birthplace of Gothic architecture, and these beautiful Parisienne front doors are no exception. Intricately detailed with a mix of wood and metal, these tall front doors really make an impactful entrance to their building.



Alpine Door

Next on our list is dreamy Santorini! Much like the German Alps entry further up the list, the main feature of this door is the stunning views that can be seen beyond it. The design of this door has been carefully considered to feature the scenery, ensuring that it is never wasted.

Balinese Door


Indonesian art is known for its colourful detailing, and the style is shown beautifully on this unique front door in Bali.



Door in Rome


What an entrance! This unique front door in Rome has been carefully constructed into the rest of the architecture, the masonry making this door a work of art.



Japanese Door


You could almost miss this front door, based in a garden in Japan. The beautiful plants growing over the door and wall allow the door to blend into the rest of its environment, and keeps a peaceful feel to the garden.



Moroccan Door


A picture can paint a thousand words, or should that be a front door can paint a thousand words? We love how this front door has almost been treated as a canvas, showcasing a lot of artistic elements.



Danish Door


At first glance, this Copenhagen front door could just look like a standard wooden arched door, but further inspection shows detailed carving to reveal an owl design which cleverly includes the door knocker as the owls beak.



Feeling inspired? Check out our residential front doors with a range of colours and finishes that allow you to create a truly unique look that complements your home.


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