The New PAS 24 Ready Lock For VEKA Imagine Patio Doors

Traditional sliding patio doors are in high demand and have been for some time. To keep up with this, and to also provide you with a durable and aesthetically pleasing design, VEKA Group introduced the Imagine Patio Door in 2015, which featured a multi-point hook lock and anti-lift blocks to guarantee safety and security. Now, VEKA Group have taken this security further by introducing an innovative yet simple PAS 24:2016 ready lock solution for the Imagine Patio Door. In this blog, we discuss the new development in further detail and provide a breakdown of the benefits. To find out more, continue reading.

For many years, sliding patio doors have been considered to be the most vulnerable part of the home due to their simple latches and fiddly bolt-on security additions. However, the new high-security PAS 24 ready lock solution, which was developed by VEKA Group, aims to tackle this issue and provide you with peace of mind that the most vulnerable door in your property is now protected against forced entry. Understandably, this is something that is extremely important for all homeowners when investing in new doors and windows, as past research has shown that improved security remains a prime motivator.

For those of you who are hoping to make your home as secure and safe as possible, it’s important to opt for doors and windows that carry the PAS 24:2016 certificate. PAS 24:2016 is the UK standard regarding the security levels of external doors and windows. Before becoming approved, products are tested to the specifications of the standard and, as a result, either pass or fail. To guarantee the highest security requirement for the doors and windows, VEKA Group partnered with ERA, home security experts who have a long-standing heritage of high-quality security hardware and innovation.

The finished product offers a clean aesthetic, with no unsightly locks on show, and has gone through enhanced security testing to ensure maximum protection. As well as this, it offers a whole host of benefits for those of you who are homeowners. For a breakdown, see below.

What are the benefits to homeowners?

  • Easy to operate, with an extended lever on the handle to reduce operating forces
  • Aesthetically pleasing sight lines – no locks on show
  • No fiddly plunge bolts to operate in order to achieve secure closure
  • Easy access in case of emergency – no additional plunge bolts or locks to operate if you need to get out quickly
  • No high and low plunge bolts to operate if you suffer with limited body movement
  • No problems with the alignment of hooks and keeps, which could prevent doors from being locked in a secure position
  • By closing the door and locking the mechanism, the door is fully secured without the need for additional locking devices
  • Peace of mind that the door is covered by ERA’s 5 Star Security guarantee against break-ins

It’s safe to say that everyone from VEKA Group and Independent Network are excited about this new development. We’re thrilled to be able to offer the opportunity to our installers to include this secure lock within their armoury and service offering, and that we can also improve the security of our customers’ homes around the UK.

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