What's the best way to improve home security?

uPVC Doors are one of the most common door types, and for good reason: they require very little maintenance, are energy efficient, affordable and can even be recycled. Nowadays, most modern uPVC Doors are usually pretty secure, however, it’s always a good

Nowadays, most modern uPVC Doors are usually pretty secure, however, it’s always a good idea to further improve security… as the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry! 

Exterior view of a house with UPVC Front Door

We often get asked the question ‘How can I make my uPVC Doors more secure? Well there’s plenty of ways you can upgrade the security of your Door without paying over the odds for it and here’s where we come in, with our cost-effective solutions. 

Secure lock on a UPVC Door

So, what are the best ways to improve security on a uPVC door?

Anti-Snap Lock

When it comes to uPVC Door security, a standard budget euro-cylinder lock causes some serious problems when it comes to home security and break ins. The number one and very best way to make your home more secure is by fitting an anti-snap locking system. This type of system prevents someone from snapping and picking your locks, which is what you tend to see happen a lot with a standard cylinder lock. Make the change! 

Sash Jammers 

Fitting Sash Jammers to your Doors is a simple and cheap option that will instantly make your home feel more secure. Heaven forbid your locks do get snapped or you leave your Door unlocked by accident; a sash jammer will stop anyone from being able to open the door from the outside. They can also be fitted on French Doors and uPVC Windows… something worth bearing in mind when home security is on the agenda!

Hinge Bolts 

Hinge bolts are metal pins that are fitted a few inches below and above the Door hinges. When the Door is closed, hinge bolts stop the door from being forced open, off the hinges. Again, they’re inexpensive and can be installed easily and quickly. Tick, tick, tick! 

Door Chain 

A door / security chain can be a useful security addition, but it shouldn’t be the first item you purchase when improving your uPVC Door security. Consider Door chains as just another layer of security. 

Door Handles

If you’re replacing the locks, maybe a new Door handle could also be on the list. High security handles are built to protect the lock, so not only have you killed two birds with one stone, but you’ve also got double the protection at a fraction of the price.  

Secure UPVC Door Handle

There are so many ways to improve the security levels on a uPVC Door but don’t let the above list frighten you off, you don’t have to have all of the items fitted to make your Door more secure. Often one or two of the options will do the trick, just be practical about which ones you choose. 

Securing your home is incredibly important and if you feel any of the Doors in your home could serve as a weak point, it’s time to take action and get them fixed. 

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