A Guide to Choosing the Right Windows and Doors for Your Extension

Whatever your style there is a range of quality windows and doors designed to add value to your home

When you buy a new car, the options are endless.  You can choose the colour, engine size, upholstery fabric and even the kind of wheels you want.

You can opt for all kinds of extras – a sunroof, a cup holder, satellite navigation, heated seats, surround sound…

When it comes to adding an extension to your home, that attention to detail can be just as stylised and individual. But you need to ensure you end up with a luxury limousine and not a clapped-out banger! If you choose a trusted installer you will be able to complete your extension choosing the finest finishing touches, instead of having these dictated to you.

It used to be that choosing the right windows and doors for your home involved nothing more than selecting a frame you liked. Now, thanks to the huge advances in technology and craftsmanship, it is not only about aesthetics. Windows can dramatically improve the energy efficiency of your entire home, lowering your energy bills, offering superb insulation and overhauling your décor in the process. But how should you go about selecting the right windows for your new extension?

There’s no one-size-fits-all guide; every home is unique and individual and should be regarded as such by anybody you entrust it to. Whatever your type of property, whether it’s traditional or contemporary, period or heritage, and whatever your own style, there is a range of superior quality windows and doors designed to add value to your home:

Casement windows help to bring the outdoors in as they can be opened outwards from the top or the side, letting light and fresh air flood into your home.

FlushSash windows are the perfect choice if you live in a period property as they blend beautifully with the graceful lines and elegant details of older buildings.

Vertical sliding windows will not only keep your home warm and cosy but provide you with peace of mind too as they improve heat retention and security.

Bays and Bows are always a popular choice and suit traditional and contemporary homes, with both styles providing an attractive feature point both inside and out.

Tilt and turn windows are fuss-free, functional and fabulous offering a versatile opening system that will not detract from the clean lines of your home, even when fully open.  

Fully reversible windows mean you can keep the outside panes of glass sparkling clean from inside your home – making them perfect if accessibility is a problem.  

Recycled windows are the ideal choice for those people who are keen to do their bit for the planet as VEKA Infinity windows are lovingly crafted from up to 80% recycled uPVC.

So, that’s windows covered, but what about doors? Again, there are so many options to consider - style, privacy, finish, access; glazed or unglazed; patterned glass; white, coloured or woodgrain frame? Whatever you choose, your door should offer the utmost in security, safety and energy-efficiency.

Patio doors Imagine if you could just slide open a door and enjoy your garden or outdoor space without stepping outside? With in-line patio sliding doors that’s exactly what you can do.  Even on a cold or rainy day, you can sit back and enjoy the view!

French doors If you’re looking to transform a room and increase the value of your home then Voila! French doors are a perfect style statement adding a touch of chic to a kitchen or living area.

Bi-fold doors Your garden or terrace become part of your home with the addition of bi-fold doors. They will bathe your home with light when closed and bring the outside in when open, enabling you to enjoy every season.

There are so many important decisions to be made. But, at Independent Network we will work with you, sharing our expertise and knowledge, to make it a stress-free, exciting experience.

So, if you’re ready to shift up a gear, why not get in touch and let us steer you in the right direction!


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