How to Maximise Light in your Home Renovation

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Home owner and architects alike focus on maximising light when planning for a home renovation. Whether you’re thinking of an attic conversion or a ground floor extension, one of the key factors in the design will be how to create a space that’s light and bright. If you didn’t think this was important before, be assured that ignoring this element can make or break your final design. Here in the UK particularly, we are faced with dark and grey winters and a distinct lack of sunshine so doing everything we can to enhance the light in our homes has to be at the forefront of our renovation plans.

Roof Windows

As a home owner we tend to overlook these but mustn’t underestimate the value of roof windows. Of course in an attic conversion they become a staple and really are an essential to achieving a light, bright space. But in other renovations, perhaps a ground floor extension for example, we forget how we can use them. Extending any room can often leave parts of it dark and gloomy. Bringing in light from the roof will ensure every corner of your space is light-filled. Use them in rows for both a great design and a practical use, and use different sizes to ensure you can fit them into awkward spaces.

Window Angles

It may seem that, for some extensions, there’s simply no way to maximise the light, particularly if your development is facing north. But clever techniques, planning and design can often allow you to stream light into a home even into the darkest of rooms. The benefits are huge. You’ll feel more inspired to use the room, have greater options when it comes to decorating, and your money will have been well spent.


These additional rooms are often flooded with light of course by their very nature, and often we need to ensure our furniture doesn’t become light faded, and the room doesn’t overheat in the summer. But if you’re building a conservatory from scratch don’t skimp on the windows. These rooms have to be an antidote to the rest of our home. Whilst being an extension of the rest of the space, they should feel tropical and unusual, like stepping into a glass house abroad. Embrace the glass and the light, own it and make the most of it. You definitely won’t regret it.

Maximising Height

It can increase overall costs but including a floor to ceiling window, or even doors where appropriate will enhance the light availability in any room, attic or extension. If you’re converting an attic room, a tall window like this will give you a great view too; such a bonus. Extensions benefit greatly from large expanses of glass, increasing light, visibility and offering a connection to the outdoor space previously lacking. Bringing a piece of the outdoors into your home can help it feel bigger too, giving the illusion of a more generous space and helping your home feel uncluttered and less confined.

So, to conclude, there are huge gains to be had from investing time, planning and money into your home’s windows. The benefits in terms of increased light are ongoing, plentiful and there for all the family to enjoy. Increasing the available natural light will only help to create a happier, more useable home for many years to come. Wouldn’t you agree?


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