The best ways of keeping Conservatories cool in Summer

An overheated conservatory can certainly spoil all the fun but how do you stop it from feeling like a sauna in the Summer months?

Everyone wants to make the most out of their conservatory in the summer. With the abundance of natural light, you’ll want to spend those lazy summer days appreciating garden views from the comfort of your favourite chair. However, an overheated conservatory can certainly spoil all the fun. But please don’t panic… there are plenty of clever ways you can keep your conservatory cool, so you don’t have to compromise.

Check out our handy tips below that will stop any conservatory (big or small) from feeling like a sauna in the Summer months… take note!

Air Conditioning 

The obvious choice, but possibly the most expensive option. Air conditioning can be the most effective way of maintaining the ideal temperature all year round, tackling the problem of your conservatory not only being too hot in summer but too cold in winter.

If you can’t face having to pay for air conditioning, then ceiling fans will also do the trick here.

Opening windows can help keep conservatories cool


Having a good airflow through a room when it is hot is a great way to keep any room cool. So, throw open your conservatory windows and doors and let some air in!  


Blinds are great for locking heat in and keeping heat out, so it’s certainly worth investing in some. They’re available in a selection of styles to suit a range of budgets and are without a doubt the simplest way to keep your conservatory cool without breaking the bank.

Plants Help Keep Conservatories Cool


Now we’re not saying go out and clear the shelves at the garden centre but the odd plant or 2 can really help reduce humidity levels. Scatter them around your conservatory for a cost effect way of keeping it cool. And let’s face it, a few plants here and there will really brighten up the area!


To keep a space cool, it’s always a good idea not to cram it with lots of bulky furniture. The less furniture, the more airflow, and the cooler the space. Opt for lightweight furniture in your conservatory as well, then in winter you can always use throws and cushions to create a more cosy area where you can keep warm and still enjoy the views of the garden (which will hopefully be covered in snow!). 

Conservatory with roof

Conservatory Roof

If you’ve tried all of the above and you’re still unable to sit in your conservatory without sweating buckets, you might want to turn your attention to the conservatory roof.

The idea of replacing a roof can seem like a very costly option but it can be a money saver. Replacing your current roof with a high-quality option that boasts thermal efficient materials, will not only keep your conservatory cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, but it will also reduce energy consumption, meaning lower heating bills… it’s a win win!

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There’s a lot to consider when planning your perfect conservatory and there are plenty of great ways to make it a practical and enjoyable space all year round. Are you looking for a cool conservatory design this summer or fancy upgrading your existing extension? Get in touch with your local Independent Network installer for expert advice on your conservatory needs. 

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