Will a conservatory add value to my house?

If you're looking to make money out of your house (and who isn't?), there are many ways to achieve it

If you’re looking to make money out of your house (and who isn’t?), there are many ways to achieve it. The obvious ones are fixing structural problems, updating your home’s electrical and plumbing services, or modernising the central heating system. But while the above undoubtedly add worth to your property, they don’t all necessarily add visual benefit or improve your everyday quality of life. A conservatory, however, is an asset that’s there for all to see – and enjoy. Best of all, it’s the most cost-effective way of adding an extra room. 

Maximise your assets

If you’re considering having a conservatory, bear in mind you’ll need to choose one that complements your property and the great thing is there’s a design for every type of house, from Georgian to Gable. Incorporating features that reflect the rest of your home will harmonise the conservatory with your house and help maximise the value of your new space. As well as deciding on the style of your structure, one of the biggest decisions you will make is choosing the frame colour. With more colour options than any other manufacturer, VEKA has you spoilt for choice. You could use a statement colour for the outside and a subtler shade inside to match your interior décor.

Clearly economical

The glazing you choose in your conservatory can be a definite selling point, too. As well as double- or triple-glazing options, you can have solar control on the outer panes to keep out excess heat from sunlight in the summer, and Low-E on the inside pane to hold in the heat in the colder months. Combining this with a thermally insulating roof will ensure optimum energy efficiency, thereby turning your conservatory into an instant money-saver for you and future buyers.

If you already have a conservatory with a polycarbonate roof, changing it for glass will give instant benefits, such as more natural light and sound-proofing from the pitter-patter of raindrops, plus you can opt for other features such as self-cleaning glass, solar control and Low-E to reduce emissivity and improve energy efficiency. It may not add the value you splash out but it’s sure to be a selling point.

Lasting value

If you do go ahead with a stunning new conservatory, it will not only be a space to enjoy for years but it can add at least 7% to the value of your house.* And providing it was installed with quality and guarantees, including a warranty of 10 years, your conservatory will be just as much of an asset in a few years’ time as it is now. And that’s money in the bank.

The price of perfection

‘How much does a conservatory cost?’ you may ask. How long is a piece of string? A good conservatory should be tailored to your personal tastes and requirements, and because the choice of styles, colours and materials is greater than ever before, it’s you who will determine the cost. By contacting a trusted local conservatory installer, you can get free no-obligation advice on which conservatory would meet your needs and budget. Make that call today and you could be enjoying afternoon tea in the comfort of your very own conservatory by next summer.

*Source: https://www.home.co.uk/guides/articles/selling_tips.htm


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