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A lot of us have had plenty of time to look at our homes and dream about redesigning and renovating. Some of us will need to create new home offices or think how we’ll entertain our children over the summer holidays. Most of us will choose to improve over move and now’s the time to put our plans in to place as we’ll spend more time at home in the months ahead of us. Whether you need to extend your home due to needing the extra space for teaching the children or if you need to enhance your working from home space, we should prioritise the improvements that will make the most impact on our lives, all year round. Anything that improves our mood, wellbeing and the way we interact as a family should be top of the agenda.

With waves of uncertainty spreading across the nation, we can’t predict what state our finances will be in, or if we’ll be employed in a few months’ time. Our jobs may change and transform into something more digital or after excessive thinking and time to reflect, we may decide a new job role would be a better option for us.

With financial uncertainty prominent throughout all households, we want to reassure you that your hard-earned cash is safe with us, and here’s why:

10 Year insurance Backed Guarantee

Over this challenging time, it is important now more than ever to protect your finances. Many national companies have gone into administration and many more are in serious trouble. Which is another reason why you should shop local… not just for groceries and clothes but for home improvement products too.

Every one of our local installers provide all Homeowners with a 10-year Insurance Backed Guarantee which means if your installation business seizes to trade we cover the costs of the work so you have ultimate peace of mind when you choose Independent Network.

Deposit Protection

As part of our industry leading Insurance Backed Guarantee offering, we also provide deposit protection, which means if your installation business seizes to trade after you’ve paid your deposit, Independent Network will place your order with another local Member or refund the deposit if we are unable to continue with the sale. We do this because we trust our installers and we’re that confident that you won’t come across any problems or even need to activate your guarantee.

You may be thinking… ‘lots home improvement companies offer Insurance Backed Guarantees so why is yours any different?’ Not all guarantees are the same and when you’re making your decision to purchase you need read the small print and assess which one is right for you.

Coronavirus has made many changes to our lives but don’t let it stop you from enhancing your home to create a truly blissful space for you and your family to rewind and relax, safely.

If you have any further questions regarding financial security and how we can support you during this challenging time, please contact your local installer who will able able to provide you with expert advice and inform you of the options available for your individual budget.

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