Make sure you have the spookiest house on the street with our hints and tips to accessorise your your windows and doors!

We have got everything you need to accessorise your windows and doors to add that extra spooky touch.

Decorating your home both inside and out is a fun way to celebrate for Halloween. Whether you’re getting ready for the masses of trick – or treaters arriving, throwing a Halloween party or you just want to have the most impressive ‘haunted’ house on the street. We’ve got everything you need to accessorise your UPVC windows and doors to add that spooky touch to your home.

How To Dress Your Windows and Doors For Halloween

1.   Add caution tape to your home

If you want to make a scene, quite literally, novelty caution tape is the decoration for you! It is a relatively inexpensive purchase that can create a dramatic effect on your home’s Halloween décor. The infamous yellow and black plastic tape screams ‘Gruesome crime scene’ simply attach from one side of your UPVC window to the other and repeat this to create a diagonal pattern to make the most of your tape! Your home will soon look like it’s straight out of a classic zombie or slasher horror film.

2.    Add bloody handprints to your windows

All you need for this simple Halloween effect is a tube of fake blood which you can purchase in any local supermarket or fancy dress shop. You can be minimalistic or really build up your hand prints and create dripping effects to create the ultimate blood bath! If you’re feeling really brave why not create a bloody face print onto your window? After all, every classic horror movie includes at least one scene involving bloody prints, so why not incorporate that true cliché into your own Halloween window decoration?

All you need to do is add as much or as little blood as you would like to the palm of your hand. Place your hand (Or face) against your window and wiggle it until the liquid makes a distinct print on the glass and you achieve the look you desire. If you’re worries about the blood staining the windows, why not try adding cling film to your UPVC window and you’ll get exactly the same effect with less mess, winner!

3.    Add Spider webs to your windows and doors

Fake spider webs make a great Halloween decoration for your windows and doors; they’re also a great addition to your front porch. They’re cheap to buy and most fake spider webs are sold in large bags, with spiders included, which means you’ll have plenty to spare after you’ve decorated the rest of your home. Attach the webs across your complete window/door, for the best effect you could even add some fake blood or dust (Grey powder paint) to add to the overall look.

4.    Board up your windows and doors

Bear with us!  You don’t have to actually board up your windows and doors to accomplish this effect. Get crafty and make your own boards at home, it’s simple! If you have some spare cardboard or foam all you need to do is cut the pieces into planks that will cover your UPVC windows and UPVC doors from one side to the other. Then, use a brown spray paint or wood stain to get a realistic wood look, and then use a heavy-duty double sided-tape to attach each plank to your windows and doors.

Note that because of adverse weather conditions the planks may not stay fixed for long so it’s better to add them as late as possible for the ultimate scare factor!

5. Place black lights or strobe lights in your windows

Lighting has a dramatic effect on the appearance of your home especially when the windows are it up at night. Place lights inside each UPVC window to create the spookiest look on the street! Blue red and orange are the most effective colours for Halloween and the eerie glow produced by the lights will give your home a unique appearance and enhance your other outdoor decorations giving your home an extra spooky feel. You can also use strobe lights just behind your windows draw the attention of everyone who passes your home. Use murder scene silhouettes on your windows to achieve the perfect horror-scene look.

6. Create spooky silhouettes in your windows

Linking to point 5, one of the most effective ways to dress up your UPVC windows for Halloween is to create unique silhouettes and place them directly against the glass. This tip requires nothing more than a large roll of black paper, which you can find at most supermarkets and crafts stores, a white pen or pencil, scissors, and don’t forget to download your favourite templates online! Choose your favourite template to fit with the theme of the rest of your home.

After you’ve found the perfect silhouettes, sketch it out on the black paper using the white pen or chalk. Don’t worry about drawing seamlessly, as the silhouettes are meant to represent shadows and these can easily be turned around once they’ve been cut out. Once you’re satisfied with the drawings, cut out the silhouettes and secure them with tape to the insides of your windows. Why not mix it up and add blood or spider webs to your silhouette decorations!

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