Making the Most of Colour

Let us help guide you in choosing the best colour for you uPVC windows, the possibilities are endless

It’s said the colours we use in our home reflect our personality. It also reveals a lot about us to the outside world, which is perhaps why more and more of us are considering less traditional colours when installing new uPVC windows and doors. If you want to go down this route but feel daunted, here are a few tips to help you choose colours that will work…

uPVC window frame

Don’t be hasty

With the amazing array of colours and woodgrains available, it can be all too easy to pick the first ones you like, but it’s best to take other factors into account, too. Think about the exterior parts of your house that are hardest to change, for example the roof tiles, the brickwork, the driveway – even a verdant front lawn. It may be asking a lot to find colours that coordinate with all these features, but at least try to make sure your window and door colours don’t jar with any of them.

Consider the age and style of your property

Try to choose frames that are sympathetic to your home’s natural features. For example, a distinguished 1930s house with a cream-painted exterior might benefit from Light Ivory frames and doors, while a modern detached with white rendered walls would suit the edginess of Anthracite Grey.

Everybody needs good neighbours

According to the song, so try to bear others in mind when you choose your hues. Those living around you will probably see your exterior as often as you do, so while individuality is always a good thing, try to be sympathetic to the style and colouring of the houses either side. If, for example, pale pastels are the order of the day on your street, your Silver Grey or Chartwell Green will probably go down a storm.

Get the best of both worlds

You can specify something striking for the exterior of the frames, but choose a more subtle colour for the inside. You may want to use your new windows as a way of introducing a fresh colour that you can match your interior to. Conversely, you can use a shade that frames and complements the greenery outside your window.  

Consider all the advantages

uPVC windows and doors are a practical choice. As well as choosing from VEKA Group’s range of 29 different colours and realistic woodgrains, you'll have peace of mind knowing that there's virtually none of the year-in, year-out maintenance associated with timber. There are lasting benefits, too – uPVC’s durability allows it to withstand the elements, so it won’t rot or fade, like wood, or corrode as aluminium does.

Ask your local Independent Network installer for advice on what colours would work best for you!


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