Sitting on the seat of a bay – watching the time roll away…

We’ve done many a post on Bay Windows, explaining the difference between a Bay and a Bow Window (we’ll remind you below if you’ve forgotten), how to dress your Bay Window, how to clean your Bay Window and even what curtains or blinds suit your Bay Window best. But in these ‘different days’ where we find ourselves looking for new, innovative and cheap ways to change our home where we now spend so much of our time, we wanted to show you how your Bay Window can offer a world of opportunity!

Your ‘YOU’ space


Comfortable space for you in a bay window area


As per our post title ‘Sitting on the seat of a bay – watching the time roll away’ on rainy autumn days, with the fire burning and the candles lit there is no place we’d rather be. If you have a deep Bay Window, or even one that’s slightly slimmer, you can make this your ‘happy place’ by furnishing with big scatter cushions and pillows, a cosy knit or fur rug and some beautiful fresh seasonal blooms. This in-home retreat will make the perfect place to sit with a loved one (from the same household of course) or simply just have some you time.


Your ‘WORK’ space


Work Space with Desk in Bay Window


As we now find ourselves not only living, eating and raising our families in our homes more than we’ve ever done, we also now find ourselves working from them. Easy if you have the luxury of spare rooms or spacious kitchens, but what if you don’t? A Bay Window can be the perfect place to set up camp and make your ‘new office’. Studies show that sunlight in the workplace reduces stress and absenteeism among office workers, that’s why a Bay Window offers the perfect work environment. Letting the sunlight wash over you whilst you focus on your daily tasks will allow you to feel energised and keep those stress levels at bay. Make sure you measure your Bay or Bow area before you buy a table and chair and keep that pile of washing out of your background whilst on your Zoom calls!


Your ‘PET’ space


Create Space for your Pets with a Bay Window


If you have a dog or a cat you’ll know that they have a ‘spot’. Their ‘spot’ is their sanctuary, they go there whether your home or not. Like humans they need sunlight, fresh air and routine to allow them to function and enjoy life! A Bay Window often makes the perfect place for your pets to while away their days, but instead of them wriggling on the windowsill, or awkwardly positioning themselves on they back of a chair why not make the Bay Window theirs, clear space for their fabulous bed or position a throw and cushion on the back of the chair so they can rest easy watching the world go by.


Your ‘SHOP’ space


Elegant space using a bay window


If you live in a house where you’re not too far from a road or footpath you’ll know that it’s physically impossible for someone to walk past without having a peak, or a long lingering glare, inside your home. Your Bay Window can be used as your ‘shop front’ with space for a chair, table, lamp or even beautiful piece of sculpture or artwork it can be the window to you (quite literally). From the outside in and inside out make your Bay Window a reflection of you, use the space to display family pictures or even clear it and make it your ‘Yoga spot’, whatever you love, show the world in your way – watch those eyes of the passers by light up when they see how wonderful you’ve made it.


Your ‘Festive’ space


Christmas Tree in Bay Window Area


It could be argued that Bay and Bow Windows were invented to house your Christmas tree come December every year, we’re quite positive this isn’t the reason, but we could make a good case. The multiple panes of glass that allow you to make the most beautiful snow scene on the street, or the perfectly sized space to fit the fullest fir tree you’ve ever seen – the Bay Window can be made the most magical place in your home for the festive season!

There are so many ways in which you can decorate, titivate or innovate your Bay and Bow Windows to really make the most of the space – why not try some of our suggestions or if you find yourself with an old Bay or Bow Window that needs to be replaced why not speak to one of our Independent Network members.

P.S. A Bay Window usually is made up of 3 glass panels, a Bow Window has around 4 or 5 windows!

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