Which Window Design is Right for My Home?

From Vertical Sliding to Tilt & Turn, use our guide to choose the window design best for your home.

Here at Independent Network, we always strive to supply you with the best quality uPVC windows, no matter what style you choose. It is important to us to ensure you choose the window design most suitable for you, that you will get the most use out of. As every customer has different needs from their windows, we’ve devised this handy guide to help you choose the best window design.

Vertical Sliding uPVC Windows

Vertical Sliding Windows

If you’ve got a home with a traditional look and feel, Vertical Sliding uPVC windows may be the right fit for you. This simplistic design comes in a variety of colour and glazing finishes, allowing you to choose the right options that are in keeping with your traditional property aesthetic.

Our range of Vertical Sliding uPVC windows are more energy efficient than their timber counterparts, but have the traditionally timber look that compliments heritage properties perfectly. The Vertical Sliding sash window really is the best of both worlds if you’re aiming for a heritage feel in your property with modern advancements.

Best for: Homes with a traditional look

Tilt & Turn uPVC Windows
Tilt and Turn Windows

A great choice for families with young children! With Tilt and Turn uPVC windows it is possible to have a tilt before turn mechanism alongside a key lockable handle, meaning you can avoid the risk of children being able to accidentally open the window and fall. On this topic we all know how time consuming it can be running around after your family; Tilt and Turn windows allow you to save time on window cleaning, as the tilt mechanism allows outside glass to be easily cleaned from the inside.


This style has no outward opening parts, ensuring your property always looks sleek and stylish.


Best for: Families with young children



FlushSash uPVC Windows

Flushsash WindowsWith exquisite hardware options available, such as monkey-tail handles, FlushSash uPVC windows are the answer to fixing the draughty living conditions that can be part and parcel of living in a beautiful period property.

The 19th century inspired design of our FlushSash windows, with the glass sitting flush to the frame providing a traditional look, allows owners of period properties to benefit from modern uPVC systems whilst paying homage to their traditional timber-frame windows.

Best for: Those wanting to keep an authentic look to their period property

Bays and Bows

Bay Windows

Whilst often paired together, it is important to remember that the functionality of Bay and Bow windows differs.

Bow windows are often seen in contemporary properties, and give the illusion of more space. This stylish design not only has aesthetic appeal, but often feature large internal ledges that create a great display for ornaments and photos. Similar in look to Bow windows but slightly different, Bay windows add space as they extend the footprint of the room. If you’re thinking of installing window seats, these could be a great option for you.

One great benefit of both Bay and Bow windows is the large amount of natural light they let in. If you’ve got a particularly dark room, Bay or Bow windows could be a great addition to let natural light flood in.

Best for: Those wanting to create the illusion of a larger room

Infinity Recycled uPVC Windows

Recycled Windows

If you aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible in everything you do, be sure to check out our Infinity Recycled uPVC windows.

Eco-friendly doesn’t have to be ugly! Our range of recycled uPVC windows are both aesthetically pleasing and ethical, crafted out of 80% recycled uPVC. With Infinity Recycled uPVC windows, you can enjoy stunning style whilst resting easy about your impact on the environment, no matter what style your property is.

Best for: The eco conscious


Fully Reversible

Fully Reversible Windows

If you live in a flat or somewhere where cleaning the exterior of your windows isn’t easy to do, Fully Reversible uPVC windows may be a great option for you. Due to the full rotation possible with this design, it is easy to clean the full interior and exterior of your window without damaging blinds or curtains.


Another huge benefit of Fully Reversible uPVC windows is that they can be locked in a wide variety of different positions, allowing for various levels of ventilation, depending on your personal preference.


Best for: Apartments/Flats/Easy cleaning

Still unsure which window design is the best option for your property? Speak to one of our advisers today.

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