What's the best way to modernise Patio Doors?


Let’s start with the facts… What is a Patio Door?


The term Patio Door means a lot of things to different people, it’s evolved over time to cover pretty much any door that opens to the garden. Sliding Doors, Bi-Fold Doors, French Doors and so on…

Here at Independent Network when we talk about Patio Doors, we are referring to Sliding Patio Doors. You may remember 20 or so years ago everybody seemed to have Sliding Patio Doors and when you think about them you may get an image of a dowdy old living room with white sliding doors and plastic hindering the view. If you currently have this style of door you may wonder what’s the best way to modernise Patio Doors.

Firstly, let us reassure you that Patio Doors don’t have to look like this. Here at Independent Network not only are our products expertly fitted by only the best local uPVC window & door companies in the industry who must uphold our strict standards, they are also designed and extruded by VEKA, the UK’s leading PVC company. So, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands when it comes to fitting and you’re going to get a quality product that not only looks great but performs exceptionally too.

The beauty of Patio Doors by VEKA lies in their ability to provide virtually unhindered views of your garden while barely touching your living space. With a range of smooth colour and woodgrain options, a suite of specially selected handles and low easy-access option for a seamless transition from living space to garden, your Patio Door can be tailored to your style.

Exterior View of Modern Patio Doors

There’s many ways you can modernise your Patio Door…


Colour – Anthracite Grey, Beck Brown (which looks Black!) and Agate Grey are the perfect modern solution. You can choose these in a woodgrain or smooth finish. Or you could even go for matte black, mention SPECTRAL to your installer to discuss your options and request a swatch book.

Thresholds – You can choose a low threshold to truly blur the lines between indoor and outdoor. If you’re changing up your flooring at the same time you could opt for stone for both your patio and living area!

Frame – Patio Doors are available with sculptured or bevelled frames. For a contemporary feel opt for the clean-cut lines of bevelled frames. However, you may want to discuss this with your installer if you want to perfectly match your windows.

Configuration – Each pane on the Patio Door can be up to 1.5 metres in width and up to four panes long! If you have the space, you can even choose to have two of your doors to slide. These features truly open up the versatility and beauty of this product. As an alternative to Bi-Fold or French Doors, Patio Doors can offer more glazing and don’t intrude into your living area as they neatly slide along the track.

Patio Doors into a kitchen with exterior decking

The technical stuff…


Aside from outstanding looks, Patio Doors by VEKA have quality, security and thermal insulation built-in. The locking components have been developed in partnership with ERA, and are designed to meet PAS 24.  They can reach up to a A+3 rating for energy efficiency reducing your heating bills and increasing your energy efficiency and thanks to multiple chamber sashes, double brush seals and an innovative quadruple-seal interlock you can keep the warmth in and the weather out.

Are you interested in improving your home with Patio Doors? Contact your local installer for a free quote and advice on your project.

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