Why double glazing keeps your home cooler in summer?

These days, double glazing tends to be the glazing of choice for many homeowners due to its remarkable insulative properties; making it the weapon of choice if you’re looking to reduce your heating bills during the icy winter months.

But does double glazing keep heat out as well as in? Well, the answer is yes it does. Often an unknown or overlooked benefit of double glazing is that it’ll keep your home nice and cool in summer as well, which is invaluable if you can get a good night’s sleep during the “not so often” UK heatwaves. Hey, we’re not actually doing too bad this year, we’ve seen some sunshine!


How does double glazing work? 

Installing double glazed Windows is vital when it comes to energy efficiency, but how exactly do they work? 

Double glazing uses two panes of glass which are separated by a layer of argon gas, this helps to make your home more energy efficient and reduce sound. The argon gas keeps warm air from escaping, while the second pane of glass acts as a barrier to noise. Combined with the thermal efficiency of uPVC Window frames, you’ll see a significant effect on your energy use (in a good way). 

In simpler terms, double glazing stops heat from transferring from one side to the other. Meaning in winter, it stops heat escaping from the inside of the property and in the hot weather it limits the amount of heat from the outdoors. Worth the investment we think, don’t you?

How do I compare different types of double glazing?

When it comes to finding the right type of double glazing look for the energy efficiency rating. This will tell you how effectively your window will contain heat, scored on a scale of A+ to G, A+ being the best and G being the worst. If you’re unsure, speak to your local Independent Network installer for advice. Don’t struggle in silence! 

Is triple glazing more efficient than double? 

Triple glazed uPVC Windows have three panes of glass, as opposed to double glazing which has just the two. Due to the extra pane of glass, triple glazing is naturally more energy efficient and has better sound reduction properties than double glazing.

Double Glazed Windows with Internal Shutters

How else can I keep my property cool during summer?

Of course, double glazing isn’t the only way we can keep our homes cool in the summer months. Keep windows and doors open, invest in some blinds or shutters. Air conditioning is a great shout as well but can be a little on the pricey side. For more inspiration read our blog ‘The best way of keeping conservatories cool in summer’, the same rings true with homes!

Looking for new windows for your home? Contact your local Independent Network installer for expert advice and guidance on choosing the right windows to suit your home. You can also design your Windows from start to finish or discover inspirational ideas that will transform your home using our Visualiser Tool… check it out!  


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